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“Growing up in an Italian household, there was always a bottle of wine at the table. SC Wines is a nod to that tradition, and my heritage."


-Chef Scott Conant


An homage to the traditions and the conviviality of Chef Scott Conant's family, SC Wines is the first wine collection for the James Beard Award-winning chef. Harvested, bottled, and imported from the finest winemaking regions of Italy, the trio features a 2017 Pinot Grigio, Ayla; a 2016 Super Tuscan, Karya; and a 2015 Barolo, Sprezza. The SC Wines collection is available online and at Chef Conant's restaurants.


Chef Conant’s 2017 Pinot Grigio is named for his daughter, Ayla, and is notable for its color – white gold with bronze highlights. Ayla is medium bodied, delicate with a zippy and refreshing finish, with the aromas of flowers, honey, lime blossom, and hints of tropical fruit. Harvested in northeastern Italy’s Isonzo del Friuli. 

Recommend pairing with salami, white meat, fishes, and pasta.

Scott Conant Wine, Ayla Pinot Grigio


A 2016 Super Tuscan with aromas of fresh plum, blackberry, olives with ripe fruit, cedar, and spice notes, Karya is named for Chef Conant’s youngest daughter. Harvested in Sant’Angelo in Colle, a village in central Italy’s Tuscany region, Karya is aged 12 months prior to its release.

Recommend pairing with hearty pasta dishes, mushrooms, or grilled and roasted vegetables.


Chef Conant’s signature 2015 Barolo – an intense granite red color with an aroma of violet – is notable for its full body, complexity, richness of the terroir, and long finish. Harvested in the Barolo zone of northern Italy and aged 36 months prior to its release. 

Recommend pairing with meats, especially large steaks, and aged cheeses.

Scott Conant Wine, Karya Super Tuscano
Scott Conant Wine - Sprezza Barolo
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